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​UAB recognizes the need to inform our communities of the programs, affordable products and services that are available to them throughout Metro Atlanta. Sometimes you have to meet people where they are and speak to them in ways they not only understand, but in ways that are engaging and that they can relate to.

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Urban Asset Builders
UAB is a grassroots social enterprise. Our goal to instill financial knowledge is to approach financial education and empowerment with fresh and new ideas that encourage Atlantans and engage them in positive financial behaviors that produce measurable results.

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Urban Asset Builders has chosen the social enterprise model because it allows us: 
  • to think out of the box.
  • to be creative as it relates to instilling financial knowledge.
  • the autonomy to expedite delivery of programs, products and services to the community. 

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Did you know Georgia was Ranked Dead Last in Financial Security by the 2012 Assets and Opportunity Scorecard? The 2013 report was released on January 30th and Georgia is now ranked next to dead last. This means Georgia has a big problem that requires a big solution. 

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What that big solution looks like to us is: cross-sector collaboration and engaging community participation to accomplish our ultimate goals of financial security for Metro Atlantans.

To leadership in our community, UAB has initiated and introduced nationally recognized awareness campaigns that offer opportunities to collaborate and raise awareness for the need of financial security in our own backyard. UAB has also helped to introduce innovative financial products that encourage positive financial behavior. 

Through these collaborative initiatives, our goal is to share and disseminate information, make known the resources that are available to the community, and deliver empowering programs, products and services that allow us to collectively work towards the financial empowerment of those we are purposed to serve.
Our work is dedicated to the empowerment of our communities! 
Winning Platforms that Encourage Saving!
A new kind of rewards program

SaveUp is a new rewards program that helps Americans succeed financially by encouraging them to adopt good financial behaviors, such as saving money and paying down debt. 

​Every time you save money or pay down debt, you could win rewards like cars, vacations, and even a $2 million Jackpot. Finally, doing the right thing gets you rewarded.

By rewarding people with the chance to win valuable or life-changing prizes, we hope to motivate them to become savers instead of spenders.
Joanna Smith-Ramani conducted the presentation for the PLS products, which are typical savings products (savings accounts, CDs, savings bonds) that feature chances to win prizes. The products are structured to encourage savings by offering chances to win based on deposit activity - i.e. the more an accountholder saves, the more chances they have to win. 
​At a time when savings are important, how do we engage consumers in the act of saving and re-institute a culture of thrift in America? One promising way is to ensure that the act of saving is fun. Prize-Linked savings (PLS) models are structured to do exactly that - reward savings behavior to help motivate individuals to save by making it fun. 

Prize Linked Savings are typical savings products (savings accounts, CDs, savings bonds) that feature chances to win prizes. The products are structured to encourage savings by offering chances to win based on deposit activity - i.e. the more an account holder saves, the more chances they have to win. 
Calling all Local Leaders, non-profit and faith based organizations, financial institutions (banks, credit unions, CDFI's), businesses, schools, libraries, government agencies and the media: 
 we are building our partner coalitions for
"Money Smart Week 2016" 
10 weeks. $35,000 in prizes. 101 chances to win.
Urban Asset Builders, Inc. Wins Count on COUNTRY Grant   for Money Smart Clubs Program
For information on Money Smart Week® 2015 please visit: www.MoneySmartGeorgia.net